Nature of Wellness Podcast

Episode Thirty One- Workplace Well-Being and Health Culture with Richard Safeer, M.D.

January 05, 2024 Dr. Mark A. Campbell Season 2 Episode 5
Nature of Wellness Podcast
Episode Thirty One- Workplace Well-Being and Health Culture with Richard Safeer, M.D.
Show Notes

Happy New Year!!!

Many of us start each January by setting goals, deciding on priorities, and declaring resolutions for the upcoming year.  

The most common goals each year center around health and well-being, with many falling under the umbrella of “getting in shape” or “losing weight.”

According to a new survey by Forbes Health, the top resolutions for 2024 include improving fitness, finances, and mental health. "Getting to the gym more, drinking less, and being more active and healthy,"  

Regardless of the specifics of our goals, as the ball drops on New Year's Eve, millions focus intention on lifestyle changes. We want to start fresh and become a better, healthier, and happier version of ourselves. 

Welcome to Episode Thirty-one of The Nature of Wellness Podcast. 


On this episode, we sat down with workplace health pioneer, author, and thought leader Richard Safeer, M.D. 

For the past 20 years, Dr. Safeer has assessed cultures, trained leaders, and conducted and explored research on the intersection of individual and organizational behavior. 

He currently serves as the Chief Medical Director of Employee Health and Well-Being for Johns Hopkins Medicine, where he leads the Healthy at Hopkins employee health and well-being strategy.    

In early 2023, Richard released A Cure for the Common Company: A Well-Being Prescription for a Happier, Healthier, and More Resilient Workforce, which was extremely well-received in the healthcare and wellness fields. 

Join us as we talk to Dr. Safeer about his impressive personal journey within the healthcare field, the most important (and often overlooked) factors for a successful culture, and how we can integrate our workplace into New Year’s resolutions. 


Richard discusses how his incredible book is meant to serve leaders in all fields, the need for organizations to employ “internal wellness champions,” how time in nature impacts his personal and professional roles,  and how “well-being is a team sport.”

We left this conversation ready to face a new year, happier, healthier, and spending more time outside. 


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We appreciate you all.

Be Well


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